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Brilliance by Brown, Inc., The Pause Group, Inc., and Mayshad CHOICE Announced

Menopause, Beauty and Wellness Event

A Well-Aging Conversation


Brilliance by Brown, Inc. co-hosted a panel discussion, Menopause, Beauty and Wellness: A Well-Aging Conversation at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards in New York City. In partnership with The Pause Group, Inc. and Mayshad CHOICE, this symposium convened thought-provoking leaders who discussed, inspired, and educated attendees about how to live their best menopausal lives. The event was held Thursday, February 20, 2020, 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Neiman Marcus in New York City at Hudson Yards.


The featured panel speakers included Jessica Hill, Doctor of Physical Therapy, CSCS; Monique De Four Jones, M.D., FACOG at Northwell-LIJ; Rochelle Weitzner, CEO and Founder Pause Well-Aging. The Panel was moderated by Amy Synnott, Executive Beauty Editor, Elle Magazine.


“This panel was an incredible opportunity for women to gather in a safe space to talk and learn about menopause and the experiences accompanying this life stage” says Weitzner. “The discussion covered topics such as the stages of menopause, hot flashes, ‘what is normal’, fitness, and skincare.” 


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About Brilliance by Brown, Inc.

Leading with a mindset of inclusion, Brilliance by Brown is a digital media company with a focus on expanding the landscape of skin wellness information, resources, and skincare options for all women, especially as we age. Our handy way for you to access relevant tips, live forums, insights from our advisory council, and product edit recommendations are provided to help all of us get the answers we want about healthier skin care and total wellness. We do the exploration and research, so you don't have to.

BrownTalks Live, The Inaugural Thought Leadership Event

Skincare, Wellness, and Inclusion in the Beauty Sector


Brilliance by Brown inaugural event, BrownTalks: A Skincare + Wellness Conversation, in partnership with the Office of The Brooklyn Borough President, convened thought-provoking leaders who discussed, inspired, and educated attendees about best practices in skincare, consumer insights, and the importance of inclusion in the beauty sector. The symposium was held Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 6:30pm to 9:00pm at Chelsea Piers Fitness in Brooklyn. 


The featured panel speakers included: Dr. Michelle Henry, M.D., Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery; Rochelle Weitzner, CEO and Founder Pause Well-Aging Skincare; Ginger King, Founder and CEO, Grace Kingdom Beauty; Janell Hickman, Beauty Editor and Journalist.


“Brilliance by Brown is excited about the launch of BrownTalks Live. The opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion with skincare experts and further the conversation about skin health, and skincare as you age are worthy topics that need to be addressed,” said Heidi Brown, Chief Experience Officer at Brilliance by Brown.


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