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Indie Lee skincare

Curating a skin care selection that delivers efficacy and consistency in outcome matters. Equally significant are brand culture, best practices, and community mindfulness of inclusion. I found all of these essentials in the Indie Lee skin care line.

Founded by Indie Lee, her eponymous line of products are now part of my daily skin care regime. From her Squalane Facial Oil to the Stem Cell Serum and Clearing Mask, my skin health has been highly impacted—without exaggeration—by these ingredient-safe solutions.

A ray of light, Indie is an incredible individual with a transformative story. Her company's principles and vision are in such alignment with my mission of living my best life through a healthy mind and body approach, that I know I was divinely guided to her and her brand.

The importance of skin wellness needs to be part of our health-focused discourse, and I am encouraged by companies like Indie Lee & Co. in providing all of us with alternative products that support our overall state of being. To quote Indie Lee, “Makeup is self-expression and artistry, my skin care has always been a part of healthcare.”

We leave you with this message from the company's "We Believe" statement. I share it with you in the hope that it impacts you the same way it resonates with me.

“We believe in empowerment through awareness, in knowledge as power."

"We believe that when you live to learn, you learn to live with passion."

"We believe in an inner strength that is only found when tested, one that brings clarity to the meaning of living with purpose."

"We believe in independence and loving ourselves for being perfectly imperfect."

"We believe in days of change, and days to just be present."

"We believe in healthy nourishment that promotes emotional, physical and spiritual well-being."

"We believe in ingredients that come from nature, from our fields, mountains and oceans."

"We believe in using science to amplify their benefits, without harming animals in the process."

"We believe it’s time to embrace conscious consumerism by offering safer, cleaner and more ethical choices."

"We believe in farmers, scientists, and a community committed to the same clean skincare standards."

"We believe in the power of people who are on the same transformative mission.”

For more information about Indie Lee and her awakening journey visit

*This post is not an endorsement nor a paid endorsement.

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