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Honua Skincare

It's essential for all of us to take note of skin hydration and protection. Daily SPF is paramount...that is SPF that consists of nontoxic ingredients. This skin care perspective is in alignment with the Honua Hawaiian Skincare philosophy.

A force of nature, Kapua Browning, is the founder of Honua Hawaiian Skincare, and she is the embodiment of beauty inside and out. Founded in 2015, Kapua’s family-owned company is passionate about providing a product line that promotes skin protection and wellness through a 5+ step process.

To quote Kapua, “Our Honua Ritual offers you a uniquely Hawaiian experience…from soil to skin to soul. We start with native Hawaiian botanicals then fresh blend them with potent skincare ingredients to formulate effective and luxurious skincare. Take a moment to experience our Hawaiian secrets and immerse yourself. Your skin and soul will thank you.” Don’t you just love this?

An avid Honua user (yes, we're addicted), we discovered their Aina Mask for Land Lovers to respond to a need for a high impact skin treatment that contained skin nourishing ingredients. This Hawaiian elixir in a jar is a deep moisturizing mask. Packed with elements that includes kalo, phytonutrients, beta-carotene, Vitamins A and C, manganese, tamanu oil, coconut charcoal, and more, these ingredients envelope Kapua’s approach to skin wellness–love your skin with nature’s gifts.

More than just another skincare provider, Honua Hawaiian Skincare is a movement. Its north star is to detoxify our reef system currently impacted by chemicals, parabens, and silicone that stem from conventional sunscreen, plastics and other unhealthy materials. The cumulative effect of products that wash off our bodies when we take a dip in the ocean, coupled with random debris is damaging our oceans ecosystems. The company is on a mission to educate all of us about this pressing issue, and to encourage us to be more mindful about what we put on our skin and how we treat our planet.

We salute Honua Hawaiian Skincare for its holistic healthcare mandate.

*This post is not an endorsement nor a paid endorsement.

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