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Exfoliation•Too much of a good thing?

Exfoliating skin over 50

Did you know that skin exfoliation is a natural function your body performs? An amazing organ skin sheds, however, this process changes as one ages. Like the lessening of collagen production to the reducing size of sebaceous (oil) glands, skin turnover requires more of a boost at the age fifty threshold.

While there is a need to exfoliate and generate better quality skin, too much of a good thing may lead to an increase in skin issues. The bombardment by brands that push the message of AHA and BHA ingredients in their products is helpful, however, there appears to be an increase of these types of actives in everything now. From cleansers to serums, and moisturizers, the skin does not need an active all day every day.

A salicylic acid in a cleanser, followed by a Vitamin C serum, and then a glycolic acid in a moisturizer, topped off with a sunscreen may result in an appointment with a dermatologist to correct a skin barrier breach.

A better option may be to start each day with a gentle cleanser, followed by a Vitamin C serum applied every two days, a ceramide or peptide rich moisturizer, and completed with sunscreen.

For recommendations about skin care products that may help with skin barrier maintenance read more here.

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