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Insights to Skin Aging Well

skincare and aging well

In caring for your skin there is no fountain of youth, and quite frankly, we have no interest in being 25 again. We've come to learn that as you age your body's largest organ requires proper skin care product ingredients, consistent exercise, and foods that replenish what your body is cycling out.

A key factor that may have you reaching for the next new thing to deal with your skin's updated requirements is the menopause phase. For most womennot alldry, itchy, and hot flashy skin can be quite challenging. To quote Monique De Four Jones, MD, FACOG, associate chief of labor and delivery at Northwell Health-LIJ, "I classify the attributes of peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause as the seven dwarfs. Dry, itchy, and flashy are three of the seven."

Coupled with what you apply topically is how you think about yourself. A shout out to Rochelle Weitzner, CEO & Founder at Pause Well-Aging Skincare for coining the phrase "well-aging." It's a term you may want to embrace when dealing with your body's shifting tides.

So what are you doing to maintain your body's healthy glow? Below is a list of 10 tips that may help you as your skin ages.

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