Over 40? Let's Talk About Skin Wellness

The reservoir of brands that speak to all women over forty-five are limited. What’s even more curious is the legacy data, which the beauty industry appears to rely on, overlooks this demographic to purchase more innovative products, which results in marketing to consumers under thirty-five years of age. Perhaps the assumption is that by the time you reach mid-life your sensibilities, loyalties and inclinations are baked. Further, this type of mindset tends to render the perception that consumers over forty-plus are invisible. Counter to societal beliefs forty plus is not less than. Today, this demographic represents chart raising buying power and redefining what it is to age well. We need to collectively echo and progress the discussion about skin wellness over forty. There is no shame in aging; and we should talk more openly about peri-menopause, menopause, dryer and less taut skin. Embracing and sharing targeted skin issues may also help to boost changes within the beauty sector to focus on more products that address the private party "next chapter" hormones are conducting. Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, crepiness, acne, melasma, and dark stops are far more of a real issue in mid-life than for the younger set. The over forty consumer requires products that have a direct impact and actually work. It would be helpful if most brands led with information about what ingredients do and how they should be used instead of the standard brand marketing "speak" (anti-aging, moisturizing, etc.). There are some established and emerging brands that consider and speak to skin over forty—we are grateful for their focus. However, the majority of brands may want to revise their scope. The cosmetic industry is valued at $135 billion globally as of 2018, and there is a willing audience of buyers over the age of thirty-five that are visible. For information about enhancing how you take care of your skin and products that may work for you click here.

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