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Skin care in All Tones

Dermatology and skin of color

A 2012 study revealed that “…U.S. medical students are exposed to very little dermatology in comparison to other clinical specialties. U.S. medical students receive an average of is between 16 and 22 hours of dermatologic training—less than 1% of their undergraduate medical education.” Moreover, “…47% of dermatologists and dermatology residents reported that their medical training (medical school and/or residency) was inadequate in training them on skin conditions in blacks. Those who felt their training in this area was lacking identified the need for greater exposure to black patients and training materials.”

With minimal movement since these findings were first published, it’s evident that the medical community needs to augment medical training programs and ensure that diversity in skin healthcare is upgraded.

One brand that is committed to mitigating this gap is Vaseline®. By partnering with Medscape and Hued, the company is addressing program development for cross-cultural competency in Dermatology, and equitable access plus resources for a patient's dermatological care.

To learn more visit Vaseline, Hued, and Medscape.

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