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The Science of Skincare, Multi-use oil

Multi-use skincare facial oil

Creams, moisturizers, serums, balms, lotions and more are what we seek out to hydrate, exfoliate, and nurture our skin’s dryness, fine lines and diminish elasticity from head to toe.

The variety of brands and skincare lines that vie for our attention, loyalty and fandom cannot be truly realized without the efforts and innovation of cosmetic chemists. The heartbeat of the skincare sector, these scientists, chemical engineers, and innovators typically operate in stealth mode.

Why? Because they are the creators of the “secret sauce” for each skincare company’s product line, and their brain trust is coveted given the beauty industry’s competitive landscape.

At Brilliance by Brown, we believe that the science in the making of a skincare product is what matters most. And the role and value of a cosmetic chemist needs to be brought to the forefront. Further, the lack of diversity within the cosmetic chemistry field is untenable, and another example of an industry that needs to do better by championing people of color.

So, to help move the ball forward we are kicking off a series that features and celebrates women of color in the cosmetic chemistry space.

Tracey Kearse is a chemist and she holds a degree in chemical engineering. One of the few black women in this arena, Tracey is behind such brands as Laura Geller Beauty and Christie Brinkley’s skincare line. While innovating for others, she launched her own beauty brand, AcARRE™ in 2014. Essentially, “AcARRE is a natural prestige brand of multi-use bioactive beauty products for the beauty minimalist to age beautifully, based on modernized African and Pacific Islander ancestry elements delivering multi-level benefits, bringing balance to the skin.” By mimicking the skin’s natural elements, their flagship, all-in-one oil is better absorbed into the skin and minimizes the steps needed to moisturize and nurture yourself.

With a new product launch on the horizon in the form of a Gua Sha tool to reduce fine lines and provide scalp circulation, we invite you to learn more about Tracey by visiting

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