What is E.O. Free?

A personal journey from our CEO:

As I ramp up my skin care practices with products that have more nourishing ingredients as I age, I find that I need to be mindful of applying products that do not have too many essential oils.

My melanin rich, reactive skin has always been prone to environmental breakouts, even at the age of 50. The arsenal of typical solutions I solely leaned on were geared toward the purpose of keeping my skin clear and blemish-free (reaching for healthy choice foods, drinking water, daily exercise and stretching were and continue to be equally beneficial).

What I didn’t realize is that some essential oils in facial cleansers, moisturizers, and serums are not compatible with my body chemistry. This discovery does not discount the efficacy of the many quality-rich brands in the marketplace. It has awakened me to recognize that it's important to understand the proper ingredients for your skin type.

Additionally, not all essential oils are created equal. Scoping out product lines that have some history in the market and offer full transparency about their ingredients will support you in your purchasing and application decision making process. As an example, as a woman of color, I have to mindful of ingredients that may cause a negative reaction, which may lead to a hyperpigmentation situation.

So, what is E.O. free? Essential oil free face products are just that–no inclusion of essential oils that irritate sensitive, sensitized or reactive facial skin.

As consumers it’s important that we sample what works and doesn’t work, and speak to brands about what is effective and not useful. The road to better healthcare in skin care doesn’t have to be that complicated, and it is a learning process.

For more information about essential oils this link may be useful: essential oils.

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